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NEXTGEN Automated insulin delivery Trial

NEXTGEN Participant Resources

This webpage is for people who are taking part in the NEXTGEN Automated Insulin Delivery Trial. This resource page has been created as a hub of resources, videos and links for you. 

NEXTGEN Resources

Dexcom G6 CGM

Continuous glucose monitors read your glucose level every 5 minutes and send the reading to your pump, phone and/or blinded receiver. 

User guides:
Dexcom G6 user guide
Blinded CGM user guide
Clarity User Guide
Clarity Reports Guide

How to change the Dexcom sensor
Dexcom continuous glucose monitor reads your glucose level every 5 minutes. The sensors are changed every 10 days. Watch the video here

**Remember do not to throw out the transmitter
(the grey bit that sends the glucose levels to the pump & phone). The same transmitter is used for 3 months.


User guides:
YPSO pump quickstart guide
YPSO pump full user guide

Changing the your insulin pump reservoir
How to fill the reservoir with insulin
How to change the reservoir in the pump

How to change your infusion site
How to change the infusion site (manually)
How to change the infusion site using the auto inserter

** Remember to prime the line to see at least 3 drops of insulin (12-15 units)

*** Prime the cannula with 0.2 units of insulin

In Control Auto (AID system)

Learn about inControl Auto (the automated insulin delivery system algorithm) which uses the YPSO pump and Dexcom continuous glucose monitor to manage glucose levels. 
Watch the video here

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