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The exciting world of diabetes research

Our team at Aotearoa Diabetes Collective are involved in research as part of a wider research team across Aotearoa. We are experienced in research using advanced diabetes technology in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Our involvement in research is guided by our equity focus and aim to improve access to evidence-based technology and care delivery for people with diabetes.  

Diabetes Research

What we do

Diabetes research in Aotearoa is an exciting space to work. We are very proud to be part of some amazing research teams and get to contribute to different studies. We tend to focus on studies that involve improving outcomes for high risk populations, advanced technology and nurse prescribing. 

Read about some of the projects we are currently involved with & some of the publications our clinical team have contributed to. 

Also, if you are interested in taking part in research, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for recruitment opportunities

Current research projects

The 2GO-CGM Study



The following publications include members of our team at ADC

Burnside, M. J., Lewis, D. M., Crocket, H. R., Meier, R. A., Williman, J. A., Sanders, O. J., Lever, C.S., ... & de Bock, M. I. (2022). Open-source automated insulin delivery in type 1 diabetes. New England Journal of Medicine, 387(10), 869-881. 

Crocket, H., Lewis, D. M., Burnside, M., Faherty, A., Wheeler, B., Frewen, C., Lever, C., ... & de Bock, M. (2022). Learning challenges of healthcare professionals supporting open‐source automated insulin delivery. Diabetic Medicine, 39(5), e14750. 

Lever, C.S., Williman, J.A., Boucsein, A. et al. Study protocol: glycaemic outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes initiating continuous glucose monitoring: the 2GO-CGM study. J Diabetes Metab Disord (2023).

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