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Aotearoa Diabetes Collective

The Aotearoa Diabetes Collective (ADC) is a collective of health professionals forming a charitable service that provides specialist diabetes care and education. Our primary purpose is to reduce barriers to equitable access to specialist diabetes care by creating opportunities to care for those most affected by diabetes.

Our services are delivered by highly experienced, accredited, prescribing diabetes nurse specialists. Our team is experienced in diabetes screening/detection, medication management, cardiovascular disease risk reduction, research, diabetes-related technologies, patient and health care provider education. Our service is guided by our collective values, which are firmly rooted in principles of social justice and equity. 

ADC Trust

Is the sole shareholder of Aotearoa Diabetes Collective Ltd and is managed by a board of trustees.

Profits from Aotearoa Diabetes Collective Ltd are received by the trust and sent back into the diabetes community in a responsive way to reduce inequity and meet the needs of people with diabetes.


Is a charitable business that provides specialist diabetes care and education which is delivered by specialist diabetes nurses. 

ADC Ltd runs under a social enterprise model, with the aim to generate profits for ADC Trust to then distribute back to the diabetes community. 

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Our values

Integrity – what we do is right

Community – our work is centered around our people

Collaboration – we learn from others and share our knowledge where we can

Equity and Social justice – we actively break down barriers that facilitate inequities in diabetes care

Sustainability – we run a financially and environmentally sustainable business

Innovation and excellence – we are always learning and improving - anyone can be innovative

 Self-management – people with diabetes know what they need and how to get it

 Diversity and inclusion – our differences are valued, and everyone is welcome

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