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2024 Advanced Diabetes Management Course Registration

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Information & FAQ

Timetable & Dates

Start date: May 13 2024
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Course Content

  1. Webinars (eight 45-60m)

  2. Mentoring sessions (eight-ten 30-60m)

  3. Short MCQ

CME Endorsement

16 hours CME endorsed by RNZCGP & College of Nurses Aotearoa. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will registrations be capped?
A: At this stage, the 2024 course is open to as many registrations, however there is often a limit of 300 people per live session. 

Q: I have registered but haven't heard anything?
A: If you haven't received a confirmation email please complete another registration form. Likewise if you need to update your contact details. We will send out more information about formal enrolment in the course in April. Email us if you have any queries.

Q: When will recordings of webinars/mentoring be available? 
A: We aim to have a recording up by the end of each week. 

Q: I can't get into Moodle what do I do?
A: Try resetting your password here Then try logging into Moodle here If you still can't get in then please contact University of Waikato ITS at

Q: What time/day are the webinars & mentoring sessions running?
A: Monday 7pm & Thursday 1pm + a recording each week. 

Q: Do I need to book/register to attend a zoom session?
A: No you can just join by clicking the link in Moodle / sent via email

Q: What happens if I don't pass the multiple choice quiz?
A: You can re-sit the quiz as many times as necessary. When you select an incorrect answer, there will be an explanation as an additional teaching opportunity. 

Q: What happens if I can't meet the course requirements?
A: Our goal is to make this course accessible and easy to complete. There will be recordings of each webinar and of the mentoring meetings. If you complete the webinars and mentoring meetings you will be well equipped to complete the MCQ. We do want to prioritise people that can complete the course.  

Q: How do I withdraw from this course?
A: If your circumstances change please email to withdraw from the course. 


Contact us about ADMC

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